A gathering of exotic cars cruising
through four iconic cities.
This is the Centurion Run.


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Centurion Run - Rally Car
  • 28.06.17 - Boston, Massachusetts
  • 29.06.17 - New York City, New York
  • 30.06.17 - Washington, District of Columbia
  • 01.07.17 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

With events and recommended
break stops along the way.

Centurion Run - Rally Car


About Centurion Run

The Centurion Run hosts a gathering of exotic cars on a great journey through four iconic cities. You will meet like minded people, cruise on winding roads with skilled drivers and party with new friends. Every day is loaded with an exciting drive, great stops and luxury hotel accommodations.

Entry Fee
$2,600 USD/Car

Entry Fee Includes

  • Boston Luxury Hotel Accomodations
  • New York City Luxury Hotel Accomodations
  • Washington Luxury Hotel Accomodations
  • Pittsburgh Luxury Hotel Accomodations
  • Parking Included in Each City
  • Two Cocktail Nights from the Centurion Run Team
  • Centurion Run Memorabilia Items
  • Photos & Video of Experience
  • Complimentary Luggage Service
  • Closing Awards Ceremony

*Luggage service is reserved

for cars with limited trunk space.

Vehicle Transportation

Our logistics partner will be more than happy to provide you with a quote for the transportation of your vehicle should you need it. Please feel free to reach out to hq@centurionrun.com for more details.

Vehicle Detailing Services

Our detailing partner will be providing overnight detailing services at each hotel for a fee of $75 a night or $275 for the entire trip. This service will be capped at forty-five cars, you will be able to select this option on final signup.

Registration is now open. Please tell us a bit
about yourself and we will contact you to join.

Entry Fee

$2,600 USD/Car
Sponsorship Fee $1,800